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Shame & Desire, is a photo-based installation that explores the separation of queer and heteronormative spaces, from the praxis of erotic economy. Functioning as a division of sexual fields the work presents the viewer with a narrative of sacrifice, self-sexualization, reflection and ritual. The body of Desire is an intrapsychic meditation on self-sexualization; a stolen glance into the clandestine offering of one for another in sacred space. It is the mindscape of lust, contained in decorus masculinity, that is revealed and pitted against the moonlit landscape of contempt as the viewer washes from shore to shore. As an ontological experience, this work seeks to bridge the gap of sexualized difference, lifting the veil to present a reflection of bodies on bodies. It is an invitation to the darkest chambers of sacrifice, a commandment of veneration--a demand of the viewer to question their own complacency in the social organization of both Shame & Desire.

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